“Pretty Smart” Season 2: A Deeper Dive into the Lives of Smart and Ambitious Women


The second season of the hit Netflix show Pretty Smart Season 2 has finally arrived, and fans are eager to dive deeper into the lives of the four ambitious and intelligent women who make up the show’s main cast. With its unique blend of humor, heart, and thought-provoking themes, “Pretty Smart” has quickly become a fan favorite, and season two promises to be just as entertaining and enlightening as the first.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Pretty Smart Season 2 , exploring some of the major themes, storylines, and characters that make the show such a compelling watch. From career ambition to personal growth and self-discovery, there’s plenty to unpack in this latest installment of one of Netflix’s most popular shows.

The Return of the Four Smart and Witty Women

At the heart of “Pretty Smart” season 2 are the four main characters who stole our hearts in the first season: Chelsea, Emily, Lola, and Avery. These four women are smart, witty, and driven, each with their own unique personalities and passions.

Chelsea, played by Emily Osment, is a successful app developer with a fierce determination to make it to the top of her industry. Emily, played by Gregg Sulkin, is a talented musician struggling to find her place in the music world while also navigating the ups and downs of her personal life. Lola, played by Olivia Macklin, is a budding chef with big dreams of opening her own restaurant, but she must first learn to balance her professional ambitions with her romantic ones. And finally, Avery, played by Cinthya Carmona, is a brilliant scientist who must learn to step out of her comfort zone and take risks if she wants to achieve her goals.

Together, these four women form a tight-knit group of friends who support each other through thick and thin, and it’s their relationships with each other that provide much of the emotional heart of “Pretty Smart” season 2.

Exploring the Theme of Career Ambition

One of the most prominent themes in “Pretty Smart” season 2 is the idea of career ambition and what it takes to succeed in a competitive and often male-dominated industry. Each of the four main characters is driven by their own professional goals, whether it’s launching a new app, making it as a musician, becoming a successful chef, or making groundbreaking scientific discoveries.

Throughout the season, we see each of these women face their own unique challenges and obstacles on the path to success, from difficult bosses and uncooperative collaborators to personal doubts and setbacks. But through it all, they continue to push themselves to be the best they can be, refusing to let anything stand in the way of their dreams.

At the same time, “Pretty Smart” also recognizes the importance of balance and self-care, reminding us that success isn’t just about working hard and achieving our goals, but also about taking care of ourselves and our relationships along the way.

Exploring Theme of Personal Growth and Self-Discovery

Another major theme in “Pretty Smart” season 2 is the idea of personal growth and self-discovery. Throughout the season, we see each of the main characters grappling with their own personal demons and learning important lessons about themselves and their relationships.

Emily, for example, must confront her own insecurities and learn to be more honest and vulnerable with those around her. Chelsea, meanwhile, must navigate the complexities of a new relationship while also learning to trust herself and her instincts. Lola faces her own struggles with self-doubt and imposter syndrome, while Avery must learn to let go of her fear of failure and take risks if she wants to achieve her dreams.