Rich Dmain promotes young up coming talent

I was wondering about how small this World is.

This Saturday I took my nephew to the Hilltop Skatepark in West Bromwich. On my way back, I had to shop for a family gathering. I called my friend and he suggested this market where I came across this lit apparel store.

I found the vibes of apparel over at his shop really fascinating and I was personally intrigued by the vision behind designing these apparel. I asked for the manager over at the shop but I was lucky enough to meet the owner of the store”Mr. Rich Dmain”.

I was really intrigued about the design of the clothes and I asked Mr. Rich about his thought process behind designing all this apparel and he stated some wonderful thoughts about the philosophy of his designs that I was stunned at the moment.

I got interested in knowing more about this person.

Conversations were long so I asked him if I  could visit him in his free hours because he seemed to be busy at his store. Mr Rich then told me that I can visit him later at  night in the studio.

At night, when I went to Mr. Rich’s studio.

It was an event happening at the studio for freestyle rappers to perform. The rappers were having free style rap battles with each other and everyone was spitting legit bars over there.The whole set up was amazing and the words of these rappers made me feel goosebumps.

I, then met Mr. Rich and we enjoyed the event happening together. It was a wholesome experience getting to this event.

After the event, I asked Mr. Rich about the studio where he told me that he started his studio recently and he wants to pursue young artists. He told me that his studio is all open for rappers who want to freestyle and lack equipment. He’s being an inspiration for the aspiring young musicians to be. I was really happy to see someone putting so much effort in our youth.

He further told me that he personally goes out and looks for hidden gems out there that need some recognition. He’s been going out and searching and promoting his services out there so that he’s being a good influence for the people out there.

Mr. Rich Dmain offers recording sessions for freestyle rappers and moreover he also has the whole team for videography and editing as well. He makes music videos of these young rappers and posts these videos on his YouTube channel “Rich TV” Rich Tv recently started going up on YouTube and Mr. Rich is putting an effort in finding these hidden gems and moreover he is providing a proper platform for an artist to come and he can start his career with Mr. Rich right away.

Alongside the store, he is running this studio and also throwing events at different spots in Birmingham. At events, he invites everyone and everyone is given an opportunity if they want to be a part of this event.

At these events, he also has proper food stalls and some other activities for the families of contestants. I mean I’m taking my whole family to his next event for sure. And for me it is like a good timeout with your family.

I realized that Mr. Rich is such an amazing person and time really flew when I was talking to him. He has so many interesting stories to talk about. I was interested in his journey from opening a store and now a proper studio with this much recognition in West Bromwich. He told me about some of his life where he had difficulties in getting to a part in life but he didn’t stop for a moment.

He said he wants to keep going no matter what happens because in the end we have to move on and keep going with what life has to offer us. He just wants to be a good hope for the people and to look forward to being an inspiration.

I had a really good interaction with him and I would suggest you all to go and check his shop in the West Bromwich real quick. Here’s Mr. Rich’s YouTube channel where you can feast your ears with the freestyle rappers.